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A Podcast for Gamemasters by Gamemasters

Get tips & tricks from experienced gamemasters. We promise you, you will become a better gamemaster.

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Become a better GM

Many GMs struggle with gamemastering. Not because it’s no fun but because it’s hard work. We have talked with hundreds of GMs, and most struggle with this at some point in their GM career.

GM burnout.

Lack of inspiration.

Hard to keep up with new systems

Failed scenarios

Long preparation time

Struggling with player agency

We will get advice from GMs to handle all this and more.

We believe you can be a fantastic GM that creates memorable moments for your players.

We understand how it is to be a GM because we are GMs

Our host Jacob Sørensen has been a GM for over 20 years and hosted 100s of games privately and on cons.

All his guests are GMs.

Some have published books and RPG systems.

Others have great stories to tell.

We have had guests from:

Become a better GM

We’ll explore the world of gamemastering and find some helpful tips and tricks that can make your games even better.

We’ll talk to gamemasters from all over, experts and beginners, to get different perspectives and ideas to help you become a better GM.

3 simple steps to becoming a better GM

1. Go to your favorite podcast platform

2. Listen to the podcast

3. Host more games

We promise you’ll learn more about…


How do we design scenarios that make our players want to return for more?


How do we design fun and inclusive games while exploring serious topics?

Player Handling

How do you handle difficult players and gaming groups?

New systems

We talk with game designers about their upcoming games.

Make your players want to return for more.

We are on a mission to help game masters become better game masters.

We collect tips and tricks from experienced game masters who have been in the same situations as you.

You’ll learn about new gaming systems, how to handle difficult players, and how to design fun and inclusive games that make players want to come back for more.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll become more knowledgeable about game master techniques and improve your skills as a game master.

You must listen to the podcast and then put what you’ve learned into practice by hosting more games. It’s that simple!

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